3 Key Training Classes

ServSafe Food Safety Manager

Course Objective:
ServSafe Food Safety Manager trains foodservice managers and employees on food safety best practices and equips them with the skills needed to reduce the risk of a foodborne illness outbreak.

What You Will Learn:

  • Providing Safe Food
  • Forms of Contamination
  • The Safe Food Handler
  • The Flow of Food (Purchasing, Receiving, Storage, Preparation, and Service)
  • Food Safety Management Systems
  • Safe Facilities and Pest Management
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing.


  • Satisfies the “Person in Charge (PIC)” requirement per the FDA Food Code
  • Reflects the latest science, research, and FDA Food Code
  • Accepted in all 50 states

ServSafe NY Alcohol Program / ATAP

This is an approved Alcohol Training Awareness Program (ATAP) by the NYS Liquor Authority. 

Responsible alcohol service training for servers is not mandated in New York State, however, the NYS Liquor Authority recommends that all licensees and employees who serve or sell alcoholic beverages take an Alcohol Training Awareness Program.

​This training is not only an effective way to prevent underage sales or other violations, in the event the Liquor Authority charges you with a violation, proof that your staff has participated in ATAP training may reduce the penalty imposed.

Course Objective:
ServSafe NY Alcohol Program promotes individual responsibility and prepares bartenders, servers, hosts, bussers, valets, bouncers and all front-of-house staff to serve alcohol responsibly.

What You Will Learn:

  • The legal responsibilities of selling alcohol
  • Practical skills to help licensees and their employees avoid violations, including preventing sales to underage persons
  • How to evaluate intoxication levels
  • Ways to deal with difficult situations


  • Reduces the risks associated with serving alcohol and can help mitigate potential fines and legal action
  • Involves input from specialists in regulatory agencies, law, insurance, medicine, law-enforcement, restaurants and academia
  • Approved by New York State for ATAP certification

In order to receive an ATAP certification student MUST:

  • Download/review NYS specific supplement and take the NYS supplement quiz
  • NYS supplement quiz AND ServSafe Alcohol exam MUST be taken on the same day

​ServSafe Workplace: Sexual Harassment Prevention, New York

Course Objective: Interactive training program designed  for managers and employees working within the restaurant industry.  Compliant with NYS and NYC regulations. Note: NYS requires all employees complete this type of training annually. 

What You Will Learn:

  • Define sexual harassment and the two forms it can take.
  • Harmful impact sexual harassment can have on victims, businesses, and those who harass.
  • Recognize conduct that’s appropriate, and not appropriate, for work.
  • Process for reporting sexual harassment.
  • Recognize employer and manager liability.
  • Learn how to create a harassment-free culture in the workplace.
  • How to investigate sexual harassment claims.


  • Clarifies responsibility each employee has in maintaining a respectful and inclusive workplace.
  • Provides managers with the skills needed to care for and enforce a safe work environment.
  • Empowers managers to make a difference in their workplace by creating a culture free of harassment.
  • Mitigates the risk associated with permissive culture that can exist in the hospitality  industry, leaving companies with significant liability.
  • Addresses situations unique to the restaurant industry so staff is properly trained.
  • Mobile-friendly and available on demand.
  • Track employee progress through completion of course.