We are here, working for you every day.

The Association does extensive advocacy work on behalf of the industry at both the State and Local levels of Government, and we work with our partner, the National Restaurant Association, at the Federal level. We have an army of lobbyists and communications professionals that are constantly working on your behalf to better the restaurant industry. Through aggressive lobbying, monitoring legislation, initiating member campaigns, and engaging stakeholders our team’s goal is to make things easier for restaurant owners and operators.

Knowledge is power and our team keeps members up to date on the latest political happenings from every corner of the Empire State. We continuously send out news and action alerts ensuring all of our members are political insiders. Restaurant owners are busy so we cut through the noise for you, and deliver the information you need when you need it.

How can you be part of advocating for our industry?

While our dedicated team works hard, often we need your help as well. Grassroots advocating is an important aspect of what we do and that is where you can help us! Elected officials hear from us all the time and sometimes its more effective when they hear directly from business owners in their district. When looking to create momentum or stop momentum behind certain legislative items we will ask you to make phone calls or send emails to targeted members to ensure they are hearing our argument. We will inform you about these items through our action alerts, so keep an eye out for those.