Legislative Priorities

Legislative Priorities for 2024

Fighting For:

  • Working to pass the the “Credit Card Competition Act of 2023″ to inject more competition into the payments ecosystem by allowing restaurants and other merchants to choose which payments networks process their credit card transactions
  • Significant State Liquor Authority (SLA) reform to modernize outdated liquor laws, including the permanent legalization of drinks to-go
  • More state funding for training programs to help replenish the hospitality workforce
  • Changes to the State’s unemployment insurance program to ensure the fund isn’t built off the backs of small businesses
  • Tax reform for commercial businesses
  • Discontinuing the state mandated Covid-19 sick pay
  • Continuing to advocate for education-based enforcement of all regulations instead of monetary fines
  • Establishment of programs that would promote tourism and expand economic opportunities in commercial corridors around the State

Fighting Against:

  • Elimination of the tip credit
  • Significant cost increases for our industry that is still recovering from the pandemic
  • Onerous and superfluous environmental regulations that make operating a profitable business more difficult
  • Deregulating the street vendor sector
  • The creation of unelected wage and benefits boards that could wreak havoc on employee compensation models
  • Federal legislation that would prohibit bars and restaurants from passing along fees to customers
If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at advocate@nysra.org.