Legislative Priorities

Legislative Priorities for 2023

Fighting For:

  • Maintaining the tip credit
  • Significant State Liquor Authority reform to make running your business easier
  • Exempting commercial kitchens from natural gas bans
  • More state funding for training programs to help replenish the workforce
  • Changes to the State’s unemployment insurance program to ensure the fund isn’t built off the backs of small businesses
  •  Easy and accessible permanent outdoor dining in New York City and around the State
  • Maintaining strong third party delivery fee caps in New York City
  • Continuing to advocate for education-based enforcement of all regulations instead of monetary fines

Fighting Against:

  • Significant raises to costs for our industry that is still recovering from the pandemic
  • Onerous and superfluous environmental regulations that make operating a profitable business more difficult
  • Harmful predictive scheduling legislation that simply does not work in an industry like ours
  • Economy-wide “just cause” legislation that would unfairly dictate who employers could let go
If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at advocate@nysra.org.