Melissa Fleischut
President and CEO


Marybeth HeadshotMarybeth Baisley
Membership Representative
Lower Hudson Valley and Long Island ​

Shalena HeadshotShalena Benson
Insurance Services Specialist

Sarah HeadshotSarah Cook
Insurance Services Manager

David HeadshotDavid Cordaro
Senior Membership Representative
Rochester, Central NY, and Southern Tier

Kevin HeadshotKevin Dugan
Government Affairs Director

Christopher HeadshotChristopher Duryea
Public Affairs
​Statewide Public Affairs

Elizabeth HeadshotElizabeth Soscia Fordley
Training & Educational Director

Todd HeadshotTodd Hammer

Emily HeadshotEmily Hannigan
​General Counsel
​Lippes Mathias, LLP

Kelly Healy
Marketing & Member Relations Director

Sarah HeadshotSarah Higgins
Member Events & Education Director

Maria MacPeek
Western NY Territory Manager

Andrew HeadshotAndrew Mangini
Media Relations
The Martin Group

Kathleen HeadshotKathleen Reilly Irwin
Government Affairs Manager
​New York City

Jennifer HeadshotJennifer Romanski
Insurance Services Director

Dawn HeadshotDawn Torres

Abi Van Nostrand
Marketing Manager

Peter HeadshotPeter Van Nostrand
Finance Director

Amanda HeadshotAmanda Willey
Member Accounts Manager

Gina Zimmer
Senior Vice President, NYC Operations