Advocacy Accomplishments

Through effective lobbying and advocacy, we develop and support policies that positively impact the hospitality industry—and work to deter harmful legislation. Here are some of our accomplishments over the last year.


  • The only partner of the National Restaurant Association in NY. Together with our national partner we focus on working with our NY delegation in Congress
  • Supported changes to the “Inflation Reduction Act” which significantly lowered the amount of restaurants included in a tax increase on businesses. Now only those companies with more than $1 billion in financial statement income, who pay less than a 15% effective tax rate, will be subject to a new corporate alternative minimum tax (CAMT) beginning in 2023


  • The NYS Restaurant Association has taken active steps to grow our relationship with the Executive branch and new Governor Kathy Hochul. This has led to better communication between her office and ours, as well as more input on prospective legislation
  • Held a seat on the New York State Liquor Authority Revision Commission to study reform of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law.  The Commission made 18 recommendations to update the antiquated liquor laws, and now need these changes made with the help of the Legislature
  • Helped defeat the “SWEAT Act” which was a dangerous piece of legislation that would have allowed employees to take out a personal lien on business owners if they felt they were victims of wage theft. While this bill is sure to come back next legislative session, we will be ready to try and defeat it again
  • Helped pass legislation that will allow temporary off-premise liquor licensing for caterers, easing a burden for many who specialize in off-premise events


  • Worked with NYC government to expand space for outdoor dining through the Open Restaurants program, and consistently supported the city in a transition to a permanent program that is accessible and affordable for all restaurants
  • Together with small business advocates across the city, advocated for and supported the Mayor’s Small Business Forward initiative to cut fines and red tape in city agencies
  • Steered the City to the end of indoor dining vaccine mandates through timely survey data about restaurant operators’ and employees’ experiences with enforcement
  • Enacted legislation in NYC to cap third-party delivery fees at 15% and 5% for marketing and other fees, ensuring restaurants get a fair shake from their food delivery partners
  • Met with NYC Mayor Eric Adams and emphasized the importance of the hospitality industry in New York City and the significant economic engine we represent