Prime Source Purchasing Rebate Rewards

Members save an average of $124 per quarter by enrolling in Prime Source Purchasing!

Don’t miss out on manufacturer rebates that you are entitled to! A major line item for any restaurant is the range of supplies ordered on a regular basis. Your NYSRA membership makes you eligible to participate in the Prime Source Purchasing (PSP) Rebate Rewards Program at no cost.
  • Receive quarterly rebate checks on nationally branded goods you already purchase through participating vendors.
    • Earn rebates for all restaurant food products including meat, dairy, beverage, seafood, grocery, pasta, frozen foods and more.
  • Enrolling with PSP does not change how you order or impact rebates you may receive from your distributor.
  • No upfront fees or hidden costs.
  • No limits on how much you can earn.

Simply fill out and digitally sign the PSP Enrollment form, save it and send it to the email address on the form. PSP Rebate Rewards Program Enrollment Form.