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6 Benefits of Engaging Your Employees in Decision Making

Tuesday, November 04, 2014  
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There are many benefits of involving your employees in decision making at your restaurant. Research shows that empowering workers and allowing employees to make educated decisions leads to increased performance and ultimately profitability. When employees are empowered to make front line decisions it has a significant positive impact on the customer experience. It is the responsibility of the owner/leader of the restaurant to ensure that employees are engaged and educated. The following are six of the most important benefits of creating a team of decision makers:

Employees will feel like they are an important part of the team. When your workers are involved in decision making they feel a sense of ownership and become more committed. They also feel that they are valued more by management and that they are capable of making significant contributions to the success of the restaurant. Employees become more team-oriented and are more willing to listen. All of these positive changes cause employees to increase their level of commitment and performance thus ensuring your restaurant’s success.

Employees become better operational decision makers. When employees are engaged in decision making they understand the direction of your vision and relate more to the culture you want to have. This information allows them to improve their performance and add value to the restaurant’s environment. It is up to the leaders to ensure that employees are engaged and involved in day-to-day decisions. 

Employees feel a stronger connection and responsibility for making any decision. When employees are involved in making decisions the probability of the decision being a good one is much greater. Employees become more engaged and all members of the team become committed to correcting any issues because they are now aligned with the vision and values of the company. They feel a sense of responsibility and understand the culture and expectations at a different level.
Employees focus on future problem solving and solutions instead of assigning blame to their bosses. When employees are not involved in decision making they are more likely to blame others and not support any decision or change effort. Not having involvement causes emotions that are disconnected from others in the restaurant. Employees are more likely to disagree with decisions and not be committed to being part of the success of any change. When someone is involved and part of the decision they own the decision and seek solutions rather than looking outside themselves to blame others.
Employees demonstrate higher levels of satisfaction, motivation and morale which helps create a positive culture. In restaurants where employees are involved in decision making everyone is happier, more satisfied and demonstrate a drive to succeed. They know their actions make a difference and contribute to the success of the restaurant. Once someone feels this connection they find it easier to be motivated and satisfied with their jobs. All this energy leads to a positive culture, happy customers and profit.

Managers have more time to concentrate on other aspects of the business. When employees are engaged and able to make decisions that impact their work and the restaurant, it allows managers to do other activities that lead the business to be more successful. Leaders can than develop new business, create superior venues and align processes with the vision. They can work on change initiatives relating to future business and new ventures. Leader can then work on the things they should be working on while the employees are engaged and empowered. 


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By Jim Stevens and Leo Giglio, Managing Partners of NP Hospitality Group

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