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Industry News Roundup - September 26, 2014

Friday, September 26, 2014  
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Soda Makers pledge to cut calories, lemon prices effected by CA drought, and new Eater launches; Each week we will share with you a recap of important topics in the press. Stay tuned to stay informed.






Restaurateurs Agree: Sound-Proofing Is Necessary
Eater 9/25

While the debate over the din of the dining room — how much restaurant background noise is too much? How loud should the music be? — continues, a trend among restaurateurs is emerging: sound-proofing is a necessary consideration. 


Lemon prices leap as California drought deepens
CBS News 9/24
According Bloomberg News, wholesale prices for the tart citrus fruit have more than doubled over the past year as a drought hammers California, which produces 91 percent of the lemons sold in the U.S. That constraint on supplies caused retail prices to jump 36 percent.

Top Chefs, Grocers Choose Farmed Salmon
WSJ 9/24
The pink fatty fish has long been dismissed as environmentally harmful, chemical-laden or simply not that tasty by many fish lovers. Now farmed salmon producers are courting high-end chefs and improving some aspect of how they farm to win over naysayers

Soda fight’s last stand
Politico 9/24
Here in one of the most liberal corners of the nation, health advocates are preparing for what could be their last stand in the battle over taxing soda. Voters in San Francisco and Berkeley will consider a 1 or 2 cents per ounce sin tax on sugar-sweetened drinks on the ballot in November.

U.S. Lemon Lovers Tasting Bitter Price Shock From Drought
Bloomberg 9/23
First it was the surge in beef prices, and then seafood went through the roof. Now you can add lemons to the growing list of ingredients cutting into profit on the menu at Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab.

L.A. business groups threaten suit if city hikes hotel workers' wage
LA Times 9/23
The warnings came as a City Council committee unanimously endorsed the wage hike and sent it to the full council for a vote Wednesday. The plan would bring hourly wages for workers at large hotels to at least $15.37 — well above a $13.25-an-hour minimum Mayor Eric Garcetti is seeking for all L.A. workers in three years.

A full menu of opportunity
MSNBC 09/17
This op-ed is a response to “The rise of the low-wage restaurant industrial complex,” a column by Saru Jayaraman, co-founder and co-director of the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, which ran on on Sept. 13.

Soda Producers Set Goals on Cutting U.S. Beverage Calories
WSJ 9/23
Companies Pledge to Market Water, Smaller Sizes, Diet Drinks; Pledge 20% Calorie Cut by 2025

Soda Makers Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Dr Pepper Join in Effort to Cut Americans’ Drink Calories
NY Times 9/23
The three largest soda companies — Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and the Dr Pepper Snapple Group — have pledged to cut the number of sugary drink calories that Americans consume by one-fifth in about a decade, through a combination of marketing, distribution and packaging.

Coca Cola, Pepsi, and Dr Pepper Announce Plan to Market Healthier Drinks to Americans
Eater 9/23
According to the New York Times, the announcement came at this week's 10th annual Clinton Global Initiative. Coca Cola, Pepsi, and Dr Pepper "pledged to cut the number of sugary drink calories that Americans consume by one-fifth in about a decade, through a combination of marketing, distribution and packaging."

Seattle Will Fine People Who Throw Away Too Much Food
Grubstreet 9/23
Yesterday, the Seattle City Council passed a 9-0 vote in support of an ordinance that will allow trash collectors to fine residents $1 every time they note perfectly compostable food waste taking up "10 percent or more" of any haul.

Companies to make climate pledges at U.N. summit
USA Today 9/22
Touted as the world's largest gathering ever on climate change, this week's U.N. Climate Summit will be as much about business as politics. Major companies, including Big Oil, will make pledges to help fight global warming by cutting their heat-trapping carbon dioxide emissions, protecting the world's forests and reducing methane leakage from fossil fuel production.

Japan to Resume Controversial Whaling Program
Eater 9/22
Japan plans to resume whaling in the Antarctic next year even though an international whaling conference voted Thursday against the idea. Many believe that Japan plans on the using the program for "commercial purposes" like producing meat and oil. Japan, however, insists that it is launching a new "research program" that will fall under the U.N.’s very strict conditions.

Saveur Names Adam Sachs New Editor-in-Chief
Eater 9/22
Saveur magazine has named Adam Sachs — currently Tasting Table’s editorial director — its new Editor-in-Chief. 

72 Ways Food Can Change the World
Eater 9/21
To mark the relaunch of Eater today, the Features team compiled a collection of seventy-two of the best ideas for how people around the world are or how they plan to or how they want to change the world through food. 

How NYC's Restaurant Industry Would Change the World Through Food
Eater 9/21
As a local component to this feature, we asked the New York City community to chime in. So check out the national responses over here and scroll below to see what local thinkers and doers would like to do to change the world through food. 

Welcome to the New Eater
Eater 9/21
This new site — powered by Vox Media's proprietary platform Chorus — makes that happen. We know change on the internet is scary, even overwhelming. It's a bit crazy for us, too. So let's take a moment to talk about what's new, and why, and then how you can help us make the new Eater even better.

Yelp Pinky Swears It Doesn't Manipulate Reviews
Eater 9/19
Yelp is really, really adamant that it doesn't manipulate reviews based on whether a business advertises or not. In an effort to convince users of its innocence, the company has dedicated an entire FAQ page on its website to the cause. 

The power of consumer reviews
The Gazette 9/22
Traditionally, restaurants are rated by professional reviewers in newspapers, magazines and guidebooks like the Michelin series, which awards one to three stars based on culinary merit. But review sites like Yelp, Urbanspoon and TripAdvisor are proving to be popular additions to the restaurant ratings menu.

NRA to participate in U.S. Food Waste Challenge webinar 9/19
In its continuing effort to educate the restaurant industry on food waste reduction, the National Restaurant Association will participate in a U.S. Food Waste Challenge webinar, Sept. 24.


126 NY restaurants picked by Michelin for good value
Crains 9/24
Bib Gourmand award winners include Shalom Japan in Williamsburg and Chef Andrew Carmellini's new Bar Primi in the East Village.

CBC Study: New York City Would Save About $300 Million Annually From Redesigning Solid Waste Collection System
CBC NY 9/23
The Citizens Budget Commission (CBC) today released a study titled Getting the Fiscal Waste Out of Solid Waste Collection in New York City. 



3 Affordable Marketing Alternatives for Businesses That No Longer Like Facebook
Entrepreneur 9/23
SMB owners who can’t afford Facebook advertising but need to spread the word about their brand and increase leads have options. In addition to the obvious tools like SEO, blogging and LinkedIn, here are three cost-effective digital initiatives to help SMB owners.

Why Mobile Marketing is an Important Strategy for your Restaurant Business

Mobile Marketing Watch 9/22
According to Restaurant News, a recent report finds that investing in your mobile strategy should be a priority if you own or operate a restaurant. The report, Mobile Path To Purchase: The New Shopper Mindset, highlights a few critically important findings.

What you need to know about service animals 9/2014
Train your employees to understand the needs of guests with service animals. The Americans with Disabilities Act says businesses must admit service animals anywhere their owners go. But business operators and their employees sometimes don’t know exactly what the law stipulates, says Marian Vessels, director of the Mid-Atlantic ADA Center, which provides information and training on the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Investors back snacks made from insects
Crains 9/23
Brooklyn's Exo, which develops insects as an alternative protein source, has announced a $1.2 million seed round led by Collaborative Fund and author/investor Tim Ferriss.

Square's New Restaurant Cash Register Will Accept Bitcoin, Apple Pay
Eater 9/23
According to Wired, the new device will also accept Apple’s recently introduced payment system Apple Pay, which allows users to pay for purchase with their iPhones.  Square CEO Jack Dorsey tells the CBC: "We’re building a register so that sellers can accept a credit card, so they can accept cash, so they can accept a cheque, so they can accept Bitcoin and so they can accept any form of payment that comes across the counter including future ones and burgeoning ones like Apple Pay."

How OpenTable and Cover Want to Change the Way We Pay for Dinner
Eater 9/23
This week, Ryan Sutton delves into the workings of Cover, an mobile payment app that lets diners settle their restaurant bills by using an iPhone or Android device.

Eater Forums: A New Place to Share Your Tips, Recommendations, Gossip, and Photos
Eater 9/21
All of the Eater cities now have corresponding rooms where readers can discuss recent meals, trade tips, share photos, debate hot topics, and chat about the news and gossip of the day. Eater also has forums for cities where there are no local sites yet, as well as rooms to discuss things like beer, wine, desserts, cocktails, cookbooks, reviews, accolades, vegetarian food, celebrity chefs, and restaurant life.

Measured in Grams Our favorite chefs to follow on Instagram
Tasting Table 9/16
We follow some of the world's best cooks, but these here chefs are our favorites. Our varied list covers the ultimate cool kids (Roy Choi, Marcus Samuelsson), hits the funny bone (Big Gay Ice Cream), loads up on carbs (Marc Vetri), gets baked (Jennifer Lee, Zoe Nathan Loeb) and more. But mostly, it serves up lots of inspiration.

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