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8 Great Ways to Use Video

Thursday, July 17, 2014  
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So you may think you don’t need video for your business. Or you think it’s too expensive. Or you have no place to use it. The fact is video is a powerful marketing tool that’s flexible, durable, with so many uses. Here are eight great ways to use video:

1. Turn Website Visitors Into Viewers
Got a spanking brand new website? Revamping your existing one? You only have seconds to engage a visitor. Studies show that a landing page video keeps visitors on your site at least two minutes longer. Adding a video generates a 7x higher response rate. You’ll not only emotionally engage your audience, but you’ll create stickiness. Which means people stick around to watch, share and interact with you.

2. Ignite Your Social Media Marketing
You’re on facebook and twitter. You’ve got a whole social media marketing plan. But how to you attract more followers? By including a video short. People are more likely to share video on social media than text updates. Did you know 700 get shared every minute on Twitter? Share it with one friend. And they’ll share it with their friends. And so on. And before you know it, your video goes viral.

3. Add A Play Button To Newsletters
No one can resist the urge to click a play button. Adding video to your email marketing campaign increases click through rates by 3x. It drives traffic to your website and improves conversion rates. Products presented as video are 95% more likely to be purchased. Amazing.

4. Arm Your Sales Team With A Video Sell Sheet
So you’ve got your army of sales people in the field. And they’re selling your brand. What better way to open a new business meeting than with a powerful video short? Not only will it engage a captive audience, it will ensure your team is on brand message. And, information retained in one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million written words. Not only is it an essential tool for in person meetings, but can draw new customers even if you can’t be there in person.

4. Mobilize Your Video With A QR Code
There are 88 million mobile video viewers in the US alone - and growing. 92% of mobile video viewers share video. One of the great ways to get mobile exposure is to embed your video into a QR code. And what’s a QR code? They’re those funny square images you see everywhere. In fact, video is the most popular use for QR codes. They make print items engaging and interactive. So anyone with a mobile phone can scan your QR code, see your video and share it, post it or contact you with the touch of a finger.

5. Think Outside The Laptop
Video is not for online alone. It’s a powerful tool to draw customers to your booth at trade shows. Or use in your restaurant or storefront. Video monitors are become more affordable and popping up everywhere, on city street corners, on buses, in train stations, on billboards, in Taxis, on Taxis and so much more. So that same video you’re using on your site and social media can be utilized in countless ways to create awareness and drive traffic to your business.

6. Bring Your Email Signature To Life
What’s in a signature beside your name, number and website? How about your video? By placing a link to your video with your signature, you can engage your recipients with a personal message, drive them to your website and if they like what they see, they just may give you a call or even share it with their contacts.

7. Create Your Very Own Brand Channel
What better way to gain subscribers and followers than to create your own You Tube channel. Let’s say you have a series of compelling video testimonials or maybe you have tips for your customers or recipes to share. Post them on your own channel. Not only do you create compelling content, but the opportunity to have visitors share your videos directly from You Tube. With just one click your video can be on anyone’s social media network and you can be a You Tube star! Newer TVs can access You Tube channels - which gives you even more exposure.

8. Power Up Your Press Release & More
Bring your Press Release to life by embedding a video. Share your video on Linked In and get more exposure and business. Got a restaurant? Use your video in reservation confirmation and embed it into a PDF menu to stand out from your competition and draw more customers to your place.

These are just a few of the many ways to use video. Every year, there are more and more opportunities to reach and engage with video. It’s flexible. Durable. And has longevity. If you’re not leveraging the power video, you’re missing out.

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Micki Pagano Branding Shorts
Micki Pagano is Creative Director and co-founder of Branding Shorts, a video production company that creates powerful, award-winning video content for the foodservice industry. Got questions? Send them to or visit for more info.

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