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Industry News Roundup - July 11, 2014

Friday, July 11, 2014  
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News conference in Albany on tipped wages, tips for controlling food costs, and a first look at the Sysco-US Foods merger; Each week we will share with you a recap of important topics in the press. Stay tuned to stay informed.


Navigating the Sysco-US Foods Merger: What does it mean for the foodservice industry?
SmartBlog 7/11
When Sysco and US Foods announced plans to merge late last year, the news sent shockwaves through the industry — they are, after all, the top two foodservice distributors in the U.S., respectively. If approved, the merger will create a combined company with an estimated $65 billion in annual sales.

Workers earning a $5-an-hour minimum wage urge Gov. Cuomo for raise
Ny Daily News 7/10
In an Albany news conference Wednesday, low-wage restaurant workers urged Cuomo to follow through on an agreement he reached with legislative leaders a year ago to empanel a wage board, which would recommend a new minimum wage for tipped workers.

An Order of Fair Pay
NELP 7/2014
How a “Wage Order” Eliminating New York’s Sub-Minimum Wage for Tipped 
Workers Will Deliver Fair Pay for Workers, Women, and the State’s Economy 

Where Have All Vermont's Line Cooks Gone? 
Seven Days Vermont 7/9
We talked to several Vermont chefs and restaurant owners who agree that, while finding the right cook, dishwasher or server has never been easy, it's never been harder than in the last several months.

Welcome Conference Videos Will Teach You Everything You Need to Know About Restaurant Hospitality
GrubStreet 7/9
In June, Will Guidara and Anthony Rudolf gathered some of the world's leading restaurateurs for the first-ever Welcome Conference, a celebration of front-of-house service. Now the videos of the speeches are online (and free!).

This Restaurant Owner Paid Employees $144K Out of Pocket After Devastating Fire
GrubStreet 7/8
Some 40 employees were suddenly out of a job after the Culver's restaurant in Platteville, Wisconsin, burned down last November, but franchisee Bruce Kroll decided to do what he says was the "right thing," thus becoming the source of today's heartwarming story.

Your Eyes Are Happier Than Your Stomach - Dishes Worthy of Instagram, but Not Your Appetite
NY Times 7/8
Besides a powerful research tool, digital food photography is a cheap marketing tool as well. A snapshot of a new dish uploaded last night can cause a bump in reservations this afternoon. Chefs who serve camera-ready plates find their dining rooms full of volunteer publicists, who work for free and leave money on the table when they go home.

What changes might be coming to the FDA Food Code? 7/7
The FDA issues a new Food Code every four years and publishes supplements every two years, but discussion and debate about changes to the code are constantly taking place among stakeholders from the foodservice industry, regulators, academia, and consumer groups.

Coming Soon: A New Healthcare Exchange Just for the Restaurant Industry
Eater 7/7
A company in Washington, DC has launched a health insurance marketplace to help local bars and restaurants provide coverage to their employees.

Aim for a Big Bite of the Restaurant Market With These 7 Steps to a Successful Launch
Entrepreneur 6/23
The following are seven steps that entrepreneurs can take to ensure a successful restaurant launch.


Crumbs locations seen as unappetizing
Crains 7/8
The shuttered baker's nearly 20 outposts around the city are too small for many food sellers, too pricey for many small ones and lack enough ventilation for those with ambitions to cook.

De Blasio vows to act on carriage horses, living wage
Crains 7/8
Thus far, the mayor has yet to focus on either. But at a press conference Tuesday, he claimed that with the city and state budgets finished, he will have more time to devote to the two initiatives.

City aims to legalize flood protection on streets
Crains 7/8
The city Department of Transportation eyes the creation of permits that would allow landlords to install permanent footings on public streets and sidewalks outside their buildings to which temporary barriers could be fitted in the event of a storm threat. Protection is seen as "good for city's economy."


To control food costs, start at the cook line 7/2014
The cook line is, perhaps, the most volatile area for controlling food cost. Review these proven tips to control your food costs.

5 Ways to Get More Diners with Yelp
QSR 7/2014
It's important that potential customers can find information about your restaurant and book a reservation easily across all platforms (desktop, tablet, and mobile). It's also just as important that you're connecting with the customers who have written reviews about your restaurant to maintain a strong online reputation. Catch the eye of potential diners by following these five easy steps.


Nearly 60% Of People Use Nutrition Info on Menus
Time 7/10
A new report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows 57% of U.S. adults over 18 use menu labeling information like calorie counts to make their orders.

Yelp Accuses Google of Manipulating Search Results Again
Eater 7/10
According to internal documents leaked to TechCrunch, Yelp reveals the results of an internal user-behavior study that looked at where users clicked on a Google search result page.

Restaurateurs serving up a side order of technology
Dallas News 7/9
In April, Dallas-based Chili’s Grill & Bar became the largest casual dining chain to roll out tabletop technology. That’s when Chili’s completed the installation of 7-inch Android Ziosk tablets in all 823 company-owned restaurants. The franchisee rollout of the touchscreen tablets is expected to be complete this fall.

Bartending Drone Delivers Cocktails Straight to You
Eater 7/8
The drone can whip up anything from cocktails to coffee and is controlled through voice commands or instructions sent via a phone or computer. 

Stadium’s Self-Serve Beer Machines Pour Bud Light on Demand
GrubStreet 7/8
What appears to be the turducken of hot dogs — a foot-long frank stuffed in a brat wrapped in bacon — makes its debut at next week's All-Star Game in Minnesota, but the real technological advancement here seems to be Draftserv, a pay-by-the-ounce self-serve beer machine.

Restaurant Owner Says ‘Sabotaged’ Google Maps Listing Ruined His Business
GrubStreet 7/8
Now Bertagna has filed a suit alleging that a competitor maliciously sabotaged its Google Places data, but the internet giant's legal team insists maybe Bertagna should have taken a closer look at his own borscht and bear steaks in consideration of Serbian Crown's demise.

On Restaurant Ticketing: By The Numbers
Culintro 7/7
We’ve recently seen several high-end restaurants, led by Alinea and Next in Chicago, switching to a “ticketed” system: patrons buy the meal in advance, just as they would for a concert or play.

Hotel operators cope with labor shortages
Hotel News Now 7/7
Hotel operators employ a variety of techniques—from engagement on social media to networking to attracting veterans—to find new employees.

New Reservation 'Scalping' Website Gets Major Blowback
Eater 7/7
According to the Daily Dot, this is because the San Francisco-based company is "essentially a restaurant scalping service." ReservationHop makes reservations at popular restaurants in advance under false names and then sells them for a fee.

TGI Fridays Bravely Feeds America Unlimited Appetizers
Eater 7/7
For its latest stunt TGI Fridays is now offering unlimited appetizers through August 24. According to the press release (below), the promotion offers all-you-can-eat appetizers for $10 per person.

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