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Simple Tips to Keep Pests Out of Your Restaurant

Tuesday, July 08, 2014  
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There are so many ways you can help to keep pests out of your restaurant on your own without the use of pesticides. Many of these are things we all know but tend to forget because we’re so busy. As a restaurateur you need to be aware of your restaurant’s weak points and stay on top of them. Restaurants that practice the following four tactics minimize both their risk to health inspection violations and their need to have pesticides utilized on site. 

Exclusion (“Sorry we don’t serve your type.”) 

This may sound obvious, but you can’t keep pests out of your restaurant if you’re letting them into it. Look at all your doors. Do they close completely? Is there a gap under the door that needs a door sweep? Look at your windows. Do the screens fit correctly? Pests can fit themselves through the smallest entry points. Look under your bar and kitchen appliances to see if there are any pipes going into the wall that have gaps around them. Also see if there are any gaps near pipes in the ceilings. And make sure your drains have proper screens over them to keep pests out. 

Sanitation (“Garbage is not on the menu.”) 

When you are working with a lot of food and a lot of people in a fast paced environment, it is obvious that sanitation is going to become an issue. Make sure your garbage is stored correctly in properly sealed containers since rodents are very attracted to food waste. When was the last time you got on your hands and knees and looked under your kitchen appliances and bar? If it’s your restaurant, you should know what it looks like down there. One bottle cap can contain fifty fly larvae, and that can result in a major infestation in your restaurant, so make sure you clean under the bar and equipment every day. 

Bed Bugs (“It’s looking like you won’t be getting a table tonight.”) 

This is one of everyone’s worst nightmares, yet it is a pest that can be managed quite well if you are proactive. Lockers and locker rooms are a big point of entry and should be cleaned and checked regularly. Also there should be regular visual inspections and canine inspections of the seating in the 
dining room. By being proactive in these matters you can minimize a potential epidemic. 

Fruit Flies (“Last call for barflies!”) 

When trying to eliminate fruit flies, you must eliminate the things that they are attracted to for breeding, feeding, and harboring. Do not leave any fruit out overnight. Make sure your bottles are covered every night, and wipe them down if they have any sticky substance on them. Do not let wet rags, napkins, straws, lemon slices, or any other debris gather under your bar. Fruit flies do not like long commutes, so if you are seeing them in your bar, it’s because there is something nearby that is conducive to their survival. Clean under the bar, dry the floor, cover up everything, and the flies will move out. t is certain that pests will keep trying to get into your restaurant. But by developing these good habits above, you can minimize your pests and your use of pesticides, and that will mean a happier restaurant for everyone.

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By Joel R. Grassi, Licensed Pest Management Professional with BHB Pest Elimination in New York City

NYC's premier pest control company to homes, buildings, restaurants and businesses of all sizes since 1969. We provide careful solutions to eliminate any pest problem in any environment within greater New York City. The success of our programs are based on many factors including trained technicians evaluate and inspect all areas, precise treatments where pests live and breed and away from children and pets, and exclusion to prevent future entry.

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